Student Partners

Student Partners are a group of Sheridan College student representatives working together with Sheridan College and Sheridan College Foundation members to raise community awareness about College programs and Foundation initiatives. Student Partners assist with alumni and community awareness and donor activities on behalf of the Sheridan College Foundation. The Foundation provides the Student Partners leadership training, exclusive scholarships and social networking opportunities. Students are selected based on a Sheridan College employee recommendation, completion of the Student Partners application, and a brief interview process.

For more information about the Student Partner program, or if you wish to apply to become a Student Partner, please contact Dee Davis (307-675-0702) at the Sheridan College Foundation office.

Our Student Partner Spotlight:

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Cloie Banderob

Cloie Banderob joined Student Partners this year and is looking forward to a great year at Sheridan College! Name: Cloie Banderob Projected graduation date: May 2023 Where are you from? Billings, MT Are you working while going to school? If so, what is your job title? Resident Assistant at Sheridan College What is your current major? Dental Hygiene What are your goals?  Where do you see...

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