faculty at Sheridan College

Faculty & Staff Support

The Sheridan College Foundation encourages faculty and staff innovation and opportunity by awarding Faculty Staff and Opportunity Grants which provide funding assistance for projects that are not supported by the Sheridan College budget, but do support the Sheridan College strategic plan.

Faculty Staff Grants are funded by generous gifts from donors to the Sheridan College Foundation. Eligible applicants include faculty and staff employed at Sheridan College or Sheridan College in Johnson County.

Two opportunities to apply for these grants will be available every school year: one in the fall semester and one in the spring semester.

Faculty Staff and Opportunity Grants support:

  • Workshops, guest speakers, and enrichment activities to enhance the college experience.
  • The improvement of existing courses and programs, or the development of innovative teaching techniques and new instructional materials.
  • The acquisition of equipment, materials, and supplies needed to improve curriculum, procedures, or other functions of the college.
  • The improvement of student services, the learning environment, job placement, or any other aspect of student life as it relates to the college.
  • The planning of new courses of study or the evaluation of existing courses and programs.
  • The development of appropriate vehicles to showcase talents and accomplishments of students, faculty, and staff.
  • Professional development to enhance faculty/staff current responsibilities or develop new student opportunities.
  • Student recruitment and retention activities.

The following are examples of SC Foundation grants at work: