Sheridan College Foundation

Student Scholarships

Creating Opportunities…Creating Futures

Sheridan College students are very fortunate to have great support from donors. For the 2020-2021 year the Sheridan College Foundation awarded over $1,016,000 in scholarships to Sheridan College students. These scholarships were provided by a variety of generous donors, from individuals to corporations to Foundations, with some gifts dating back to 1956. Thank you to our loyal donors!

The Sheridan College Foundation handles over one hundred and seventy scholarships with a wide variety of qualifications, including but not limited to: art, construction, dental hygiene, nursing, machine tooling, engineering, music, scholastic achievement, non-traditional students, veterans and more. The Sheridan College Financial Aid office works with the Sheridan College Foundation to match scholarships with qualifying students. Interested students have to apply for the scholarships through the Sheridan College Financial Aid office.

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Current Sheridan College Foundation Scholarships:

Ag Opportunities Scholarship
Akcita Win Scholarship
Alan W. Bourne Scholarship
Albertina Brown Scholarship
Alfred T. Visborg Scholarship Fund
American Welding and Gas Scholarship
Ana Olson Memorial Scholarship
Andrew Cherni Family Ag Opportunities Scholarship
Anita H Laughton Endowment Fund
Anna C Marie Louise-Dagmar Smith Scholarship
Artists of the Big Horns
Badley Family Business and Music Scholarship
Banner Community Club Scholarship
Barbara & Charlie Walter Scholarship
Beatrice Nardini Crane Scholarship
Beckton Stock Farm Ag Opportunities Scholarship
Bertha Hawks Superior Student Scholarship
Bette & Ron Sample Scholarship
Boundless Opportunity Scholarship (Daniels Fund)
Brice Legerski Memorial
C.R. Gibbs Leadership Scholarship
C.R. Gibbs Memorial Scholarship
Cal Willey Memorial Scholarship
Carter Exon Foundation Scholarship
Charles A. Harbel Scholarship
Charles and Janie Rossa Memorial Music Scholarship
Charles Jay Oviatt Memorial Scholarship
Charles R Larsen Memorial Scholarship
Chester Powell Scholarship
Christine Gempp Love Foundation
Clause V. & Ethel G. Nelson Scholarship
Cody Warnke Memorial Scholarship
David W & Phyllis Sturgeon Little Good Citizen Scholarship
Delta Dental Endowed Scholarship
Dennis McGlothlin Rodeo Scholarship Endowment
Dental Hygiene Fund
Deyo Jeffers Memorial
Deyo Jeffers Memorial/Agriculture Scholarship
Directors and Trustee Scholarship
Don Malli Scholarship
Donald Groneberg Memorial Scholarship
Dorothy Halsted Gibbs Scholarship
Dorothy Warriner Skiles Nursing Scholarship
Dorthy Waisner Scholarship
Dowling Family Rodeo Scholarship in Memory of Mike Dowling
Dr Gordon & Betty Ward Music Fund
Dr Patrick M & Maurita R Meehan Allied Health Scholarship
Dr. Peter Madsen Memorial Scholarship
Drs. Don & Margaret Reed Scholarship
Earl P Stinneford Humanities Scholarship
Edith M. Brokaw Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Edward A Whitney Endowed Nursing & Dental Hygiene Practicum Fund
Elaine & Bill Avery Scholarship
Eleanor B Lawson Art Fund
Ellbogen Opportunity Scholarship
Elton H. Robinson Memorial Scholarship
Emerson & Minnie Hanson Memorial Scholarship
Esther L Rauzi Scholarship
Esther Small Little Education Scholarship
Eva Anderson Memorial Scholarships
EveningPlus Scholarship
Ewan Family Foundation Scholarship
Faires Arnold Barnett Scholarship
Fallen Soldier Memorial Scholarship
Farmer’s Co-Op Oil Co Ag Opportunities Scholarship
Fauneil Harrison Memorial Scholarship
First Congregational UCC Last Friday Scholarship
First Federal Bank and Trust Community Scholarship
First Federal Savings Bank Scholarship
First Northern Bank of Wyoming Scholarship
Fletcher Construction Scholarship
Florence Thune Sturgeon Education Scholarship
Forest & Sue Dunning Scholarship
Frank Rauzi Agriculture Scholarship
Frank Rauzi Geology Scholarship
Frankie Gillen Gibbs Health Occupations Scholarship
Garber Agri-Business Ag Opportunities Scholarship
Gene & Betsy Brittain Memorial Scholarship
Gene Haas Scholarship Award (Machine Tool Scholarship for Continuing Manufacturing)
General Scholarship Fund at Sheridan College
Genevieve A Batty Memorial Scholarship
Georgia M Herron Helsberg & Ernest A Helsberg Memorial Scholarship
G-Five Ranch Ag Opportunities Scholarship
Gib Leibinger Memorial Performing Arts Scholarship
Golden Opportunity Scholarship
Golf for Knowledge Scholarship (Johnson County)
Greg Weidiger Scholarship
Guy & Florence Sturgeon Agricultural Studies Scholarship
Gwinn Superior Student Scholarship
Harold & Helen Fraser Scholarship
Harriet St. Clair Thorne-Rider II Scholarship
Helen Ballhorn Memorial Scholarship
Helen Bird Pierce Scholarship
Helen Porer Thomas Scholarship
Herb Arndt Memorial Scholarship
Herbert & Dorothy Zullig Scholarship
Holiday Inn Perkins Scholarship
Homer & Mildred Scott Foundation Scholarship
Howard and Ida Sinclair Scholarship
HUB-BHJ Insurance Scholarship
Ian Ferguson Memorial Scholarship
Imogene Jackson Memorial Scholarship
Ralph Hylton Memorial Scholarship
J.R. & Helen Mitchell Ag Opportunities Scholarship
Jane Lodge Kidneigh Medved Memorial Scholarship
Jeanette L. Heptner Scholarship – SC Comp Tech
Jeanette L. Heptner Scholarship – SC Nursing
Jerry Gentzler Memorial Scholarship
Jerry Kaufmann Memorial Rodeo Scholarship
Jim Dowling Scholarship
Joan Westman Memorial
Jodee Kawulok Memorial Scholarship
Joe & Arlene Watt Superior Student Scholarship
Joe & Roberta Napier Foundation Ag Scholarship
Joe & Roberta Napier Foundation General Scholarship
Joe A. Pilch Agriculture Scholarship
Joe F and Roberta Napier Music/Theater Scholarship
Joe H. & Arlene Watt Foundation Housing Scholarship
John & Barbara Schedlock Scholarship
John F & Mary A  Lewis Scholarship
John P & Helen L Isley Scholarship
John R. Shell Scholarship
John W and Virginia T Patton Scholarship
John Witzel Memorial Scholarship
Johnson County Endowed Scholarship
Judy McDowell Nursing Scholarship
Karen Sturgeon Peterson Nursing & Public Health Scholarship
Kelly Schreibeis Massage Therapy Scholarship
Kenneth & Patricia Ebzery Accounting Scholarship
Key Bank of Wyoming Centennial Scholarship
Key Bank of Wyoming Scholarship
Kim & Mary Kay Love Scholarship
Kim International Scholarship
Kinner Family Scholarship
Knights Foundation Scholarship
Kuehne Book Scholarship
Kuehne Housing Scholarship
Kunzer Rotary Scholarship
Kurt Luplow Memorial Scholarship
L & H Industrial Technical Careers Scholarship
Language Scholarship
Laura Pelesky Memorial Scholarship
LeLoie & Buck Brewer Welding Scholarship
Leonard & Mary Amschel McEwan Music Scholarship
LeRoy & Inez Johnson Agriculture Scholarship
Lillian Hoveland Memorial PEO Scholarship
Linda Slack Memorial Scholarship
Lions Club Scholarship
Literacy Volunteers America Scholarship
Lloyd Rummel Memorial Welding Scholarship
Marcia L Salmela Scholarship Endowment
Marie Lowe & Paul Del Rossi Scholarship
Marion & Wayland H. Cato, Jr. Scholarship Fund
Marjorie Helms Music Scholarship
Marlene Marburg Scholarship
Marlene Taliman Shoop Spirit of Caring Scholarship
Marna M Kuehne Endowed Scholarship at NWCCD
Marna M Kuehne Endowed Scholarship for Johnson County
Marna M Kuehne Foundation Scholarship [Accommodation] Mars Ranchlands Management Project (Diamond Cross Ranch)
Mary & Henry A. Burgess Superior Student Scholarship
Mary F. Pearce Scholarship
Mary Nelson Memorial Agriculture Scholarship
Mary Webb Nursing Scholarship
McDonalds Scholarship
MDU Resources Fnd Scholarship
Mercedes Aguirre Batty Language Scholarship
Merle Woods Music Scholarship
Meyer Scholarship
Millicent Rogers Scholarship
Modern Electric Scholarship
Molly Mooney Scholarship
Muriel & Sy Thickman Superior Student
Musgrave Western History Scholarship
Music Instrumental Scholarship
Music Scholarship School District #1
Music Sheridan Area Scholarship
Music Theatre Scholarship
Neighbors Memorial Scholarship
Olive White Art Scholarship
Ollie Heggen Memorial Scholarship
Olson-Enders Horticultural Scholarship
O’Marr Scholarship
Omega Chi Scholarship
Padlock Ranch Co Ag Opportunities Scholarship
Pam Grams Memorial Scholarship
Paul Glidden Memorial Scholarship
Paul L. and Thelma L. Mason Scholarship
Paul Milhouse Scholarship
Paula L. Wagoner Incentive Scholarship
Pearl M. Young Scholarship
Peggy Gould Memorial Scholarship
PEO Sheridan
Phyllis & Oliver Hazard Perry Mikesell IV Scholarship
Powder Horn Perkins Scholarship
Preceptor Tau Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi Scholarship
Prescott Underwood Earth Sciences Scholarship
Prime Rate Motors Ag Opportunities Scholarship
R.R. & Margaret Kane Loss Memorial Scholarship
Radcliff General Scholarship
Randy Feaster Memorial Scholarship
Randy Thompson Memorial Scholarship
Raymond Muller Scholarship
RENEW Foundation Scholarship
RG Diefendefer Memorial Scholarship
Rhyllis Rae Richmond Oedekoven Music Scholarship
Richard & Charlene Bodine Scholarship
Richard M. Baker Scholarship
Riehm Family Foundation Scholarship
Rita Rae Riggs Elliott Scholarship
Robert & Gertrude Muir Scholarship
Robert and Mary Holstedt Scholarship
Rodeo Scholarship
Roman & Martha Skatula Nursing Scholarship
Roman & Martha Skatula Performing Arts Scholarship
Roman & Norma Legerski Memorial Scholarship
Rowena Griffith  Fund
Roy and Anne Bucklin Scholarship
Ruth Brooks Yonkee Scholarship
Ruth Howell PEO Memorial Scholarship
Sarah Moore Dobbs Memorial Nursing Scholarship
SC Faculty and Staff Scholarship
SC Foundation – Rodeo Scholarship
SC Foundation Honor Student Scholarship
SC Foundation Miscellaneous Scholarship
SC Foundation Superior Student Scholarship
SC Opportunity for Excellence – Humanities & Fine/Perf Arts
SCF Student Relief Fund
Scott Foundation Business Intern Scholarship
Sharon Race Memorial Ag Scholarship
Sheeley Memorial Scholarship
Sheridan Business and Professional Women Scholarship
Sheridan College Choral Fund
Sheridan College Faculty Scholarship
Sheridan College Foundation Housing Scholarship
Sheridan College Foundation Scholarship
Sheridan College Grant Scholarship
Sheridan College Harvest Scholarship
Sheridan College Muley Roping Scholarship
Sheridan College Opportunities for Excellence: Business & Soc Sci Endowment
Sheridan County Cattlewomen’s Scholarship
Sheridan County Implement Ag Opportunities Scholarship
Sheridan County Memorial Hospital Nursing Pvt Scholarship
Sheridan County Memorial Hospital Nursing Scholarship
Sheridan Jaycees/Lisa Marie Deutsch Memorial Scholarship
Sheridan Media Scholarship
Sheridan Rotary Club Scholarship
Sheridan Seed Company Ag Opportunities Scholarship
Sheridan Senior Center Employee Scholarship Fund
Sheridan Women’s Club Scholarship
Sheriff Willard “Bill” Marshall Law Enforcement Studies
Sherri Gilkerson & Carolyn Hammond Memorial Scholarship
Shields/Taylor Superior Student Scholarship
Spirit of Sheridan Music Scholarship
Sue Birkholz Memorial Life Science Scholarship (PTK)
Summer Theater and Music Scholarship
Swindler Scholarship
Technology Studies Scholarship
Tetreault Art Fund Scholarship
The Wood Family Scholarship
Thelma & David Huff Scholarship Fund
Thelma E. Landen Scholarship
Thelma Woods Scholarship
Thomas J. Ferguson Memorial Scholarship
Thorne-Rider Foundation Scholarship
Thorne-Rider I Endowed Scholarship
Thorne-Rider Nursing Scholarship
Tom Balding Bits & Spurs Scholarship
TSP Superior Student Scholarship
Tucker Scholarship
Uncle Forrest Scholarship
Underwood Scholarship
Verna Volk Orcutt Scholarship
Vernon S. and Rowena W. Griffith Scholarship
Virginia Reed Nursing Scholarship
Virginia Wright Memorial Scholarship
Walter & Mary Peters Scholarship
Walter Peters Jr. Scholarship
Watenpaugh Memorial Scholarship
Wayland H Cato, Jr – Robert G Berger Endowed Scholars Fund
Welch Art Scholarship
Welch Music Scholarship
Welch Nursing Scholarship
Wells Fargo Business Scholarship
Wendy Larsen Memorial Scholarship
Westkott Real Estate Team Scholarship
William & Lorene Welch Business Scholarship
William B & Evelyn I Ebzery Business Scholarship
William D & Ruth R  Redle Scholarship
William F & Lorene W Welch Music Scholarship
William Henry Harrison Scholarship
Wilma Wilson Memorial Scholarship
Wilson Memorial Scholarship
Wunsch Scholarship
Wyodak Resource Dev. Corp Scholarship
Wyoming National Guard Endowment Scholarship
Wyoming National Guard Scholarship
Wyoming Retired Education Personnel Scholarship
Zac Gibbs Memorial Scholarship