Sheridan College Foundation

Student Scholarships

Creating Opportunities…Creating Futures

Sheridan College students are very fortunate to have great support from donors. For the 2018-2019 year the Sheridan College Foundation awarded over $1,016,000 in scholarships to Sheridan College students. These scholarships were provided by a variety of generous donors, from individuals to corporations to Foundations, with some gifts dating back to 1956. Thank you to our loyal donors!

The Sheridan College Foundation handles over one hundred and seventy scholarships with a wide variety of qualifications, including but not limited to: art, construction, dental hygiene, nursing, machine tooling, engineering, music, scholastic achievement, non-traditional students, veterans and more. The Sheridan College Financial Aid office works with the Sheridan College Foundation to match scholarships with qualifying students. Interested students have to apply for the scholarships through the Sheridan College Financial Aid office.

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The following are testimonials from grateful current and past Sheridan College Foundation scholarship recipients:

Receiving this scholarship would greatly relieve me of my financial burden and allow me to focus on the learning portion of college so that I may achieve my dreams.  Thank you! – Diana 

Thank you for believing in students like myself! – Alaina 

With your generous scholarship, it will help make it possible for me to tackle my dream.  Thank you, I couldn’t do it without your help!  Sincerely, Vickie 

This scholarship is contributing to more than my education; it’s contributing to the people I will help and the lives I hope to change. Thank you again! – Kristin

Your generous donation will help me devote all my attention towards this program.  Generous people like you help me fulfill my dreams!  Thank you! –  Kaycen 

Thanks to this scholarship, the possibility of reaching my goal is more attainable. Thank you! Amanda 

A million “thank you”s are in order for your part in providing for my family’s and my future.  Much love and thanks, Bryan 

Thank you for everything: you are the reason I can continue to do well in my education! Sincerely, Jessica 

It is the generosity of people like you that help make my higher education a possibility.  I am very grateful.  Thank you!  Sincerely, Bailey 

Your generosity is allowing me to make my goals and dreams a reality. Thank you! Sincerely, Emily 

Thank you for making it possible for me to continue my education at Sheridan College.  It means the world to me!  Tashauna 

It means so much to me to be able to pursue my education and my passion in life.  Please know I am extremely grateful for your contribution to my education. With sincerest gratitude, Mikaela 

Your scholarship gives me the opportunity to further my education and reach my goals! Thank you! Sincerely, Gillian 

Thank you so much for granting me this scholarship!  Without the funds provided I am unsure that I would be able to continue my education here at Sheridan College.  Sincerely, Mason 

As a veteran and a father, I have different challenges than the traditional student and this help is life-changing.  Thank you for all the financial aid and the hope it gives me!  – Jeremy 

Thank you for everything – you are the reason I can continue to do well in my education!  Sincerely, Jessica