Bailey Hassler

Bailey is one of our Sheridan College Foundation Student Partners.  She  joined the Student Partners program in September 2018.  Bailey will graduate with an Associates in Health Science in May 2019.  She will then enter the Dental Hygiene program with a projected graduation date of May 2021.

Where are you from?
I was born in Texas but moved up to Billings, MT when I was 5 years old.  I have been in Billings with my family for 15 years now.

What is your job title and where do you work?
I work for the Campus Life and Housing as a Resident Assistant for one of the residence halls here on campus! I also have the opportunity to work for the Sheridan College Kooi Library as an employee for the Student HelpZone, and I help with the tutoring services offered here on campus.

What is your current major?
Currently I am a Health Science major.  I am also excited to start my 2-year journey in the dental hygiene program and will start this upcoming fall of 2019.

What are your goals?  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
One day with my hygiene degree, I would like to travel to rural areas or underdeveloped countries to help the people in those communities get dental care! Another goal of mine would be to get my Bachelors in dental hygiene from the University of Wyoming.  In 5 years, I would like to be fully immersed in the career that I have spent many years of hard work, time and money on.

When you need a break from academics….
When I need a break from academics I love going out to play (or watch) tennis, being around friends and family, and playing the piano or my flute.  I also enjoying spending time outdoors or rock climbing or simply trying out new things.

My scholarships are important to me because….
My scholarships are important to me in three ways. First, because they support me in a way financially that allows me to go to school and focus on my education without the excessive worry about money. Second, these scholarships motivate me and serve as a reminder to always try my best because I am blessed to have this opportunity for the education I have.  Lastly, these scholarships are important to me because it shows that there are people that are invested in my success and education, which is very reassuring and encouraging to know that there are people out there supporting me in my endeavors.

What do you love most about Sheridan College?
One thing that I love about Sheridan College is the community that is built within the school.  I have had the privilege to work with many different people in the college: Campus life and Housing, the music department, my classes, working in the library, extracurricular activities, Student Partners and my job as a resident assistant as well.  I have only skimmed the surface of all of the opportunities available here at Sheridan College, but it is very encouraging to see so many different parts of the school be so willing to work together and among one another to encourage my success and the success of other students.

How has being a Student Partner for the Sheridan College Foundation benefited you?
For this being my second semester as a Student Partner, it is amazing to see the opportunities and growth that has been offered to me through the Foundation; with that said, I can only be excited for what else is to come.  Not only have I been able to meet and hear the stories of successful leaders of the community, I have been able to grow my leadership skills, meet strong supporters behind Sheridan College and learn more about the school itself.  I have been so blessed to be a part of a group of staff and students that support me, challenge me and advocate for me and my success.  I have had such joy this past year getting to know everyone and to have had the opportunity to build relationships with staff of the Sheridan College Foundation.