Welding Gets Pneumatic Press

The Sheridan College Foundation funded a grant submitted by the Sheridan College Welding Program to purchase a pneumatic press for use in AWS (American Welding Society) qualification testing. Welding instructor Tim Anderson explained that this press allows students to test small weld samples, resulting in quick and easy identification of welding defects.  These small specimens allow students to more effectively use material, and spend only a few seconds preparing their test specimen.  After identifying weld defects, students can return to their booth and adjust their technique based on the results of the bend.

The purchase of this press has been a major success. Every student in the pipe classes has passed the bend tests.  Material waste has been reduced, and student productivity increased. The press has also been used by the manufacturing classes and ornamental iron and creative welding classes for various projects.  Due to the generous donors to the Sheridan College Foundation, the Welding Department was able to buy the right tool for the job!