Improving Tutoring: F/S Grant

Lanelle Richards, newly appointed head of Tutoring at Sheridan College, applied for a Foundation Staff Grant to strengthen the program’s infrastructure. At the top of her list was tutor training sessions to develop and deepen the instructional skill sets of those providing academic support. Mrs. Richards emphasized the need for qualified tutors at Sheridan College last semester, “If the past two weeks are any indication, activity levels in the area of Tutoring will grow quickly. Students have responded positively to our initial efforts to meet their needs.”

Funds were awarded for the Tutorial Services Initiative, a full-day of workshops to train SC tutors. Three presenters discussed various learning styles and how to encourage critical thinking. Instructional approach, proper protocol, and specific methodologies were covered. All agreed about the importance of asking questions to engage clients in the learning process. Dynamic exchanges and breakout sessions allowed the seventeen attendees to learn from both presenters and from one another. All shared the importance of remaining positive and finding the good.

Sheridan College tutors at the Tutorial Services Initiative workshop 

At departure, peer tutors were asked to leave written suggestions. Comments included, “Very useful and informational”, “Good collaboration, respect, and energy level”, “Very helpful”. Also, students highlighted a desire to meet regularly. Each tutor left the workshop with new strategies and spurred on to apply best practice in mentoring our diverse learners.

Sheridan College’s Mission Statement includes a goal to “empower student success”. Likewise, the HLC accreditation criteria specify staff members who provide tutoring are “appropriately qualified, trained, and supported in their professional development.” This event addressed this standard head on. Sheridan College Foundation is proud to support the tutoring program at Sheridan College. We strive to empower student success in every way possible!