New Scholarships honor Skatulas

The Vernon S. and Rowena W. Griffith Foundation has established two scholarships in honor of Roman and Martha Skatula for Sheridan College students. Starting this fall, the Roman and Martha Skatula Nursing Scholarship and the Roman and Martha Skatula Performing Arts Scholarship will be awarded to students.

The Griffith Foundation established these scholarships in recognition of Roman’s many years of service on the Griffith Foundation board of directors.

According to the Griffith board members, Roman was very instrumental in helping their board make decisions that he knew would align with the Griffiths’ intent for their legacy because he knew and worked for Mr. Griffith at the Bank of Commerce-First Interstate Bank,  which also  led to Roman’s 55-year career in banking.

Roman was a well-known community thespian, and Marty worked as a nurse in various hospitals and nursing homes, so supporting Sheridan College students studying Nursing and Performing Arts honors the Skatulas’ community legacy and their years of championing the success of Sheridan College.

The Griffith Foundation was established in 1971, and since its first distribution of scholarships in 1976 it has had a tremendous impact on the development and success of Sheridan College. In addition to scholarships, the Griffith Foundation has also supported faculty positions, capital construction projects and program support.

Currently the Griffith Foundation board of directors includes Steve Harker, Karen Green, Richard Kilpatrick, Ron Destefano and Anthony Tarver. For more information about these opportunities and to apply, visit