wyo theater

WYO Theater

The WYO Theater and Sheridan College joined efforts to expand the performing arts opportunities for our community. The WYO Theater is an historic facility in the Sheridan downtown which is owned by the city and has been operated by WYO Theater, Inc., for over 30 years. Sheridan College has been serving students and the community for over 60 years.

The Perkins Building, located to the left of the WYO Theater, has been completely renovated to create a black box theater/performing arts laboratory.  Offices have been added for Sheridan College faculty as well as a 9,380 sq. ft. costume support area. The lobby of the Theater and restroom areas have also been improved and the wing capacity has been expanded.

The expansion provides multi-faceted benefits that are sure to touch the entire community. The end result is a performing arts and education center that will reach and serve all generations, weaving Sheridan’s past and present into a future tapestry rich in cultural history and new entertainment, education, enrichment, and economic opportunities.

Thank you to everyone who made a gift to make the
WYO Performing Arts and Education Center a reality.