Back to School

Stephen Dow of the Buffalo Bulletin recently wrote a great article about the Sheridan College in Johnson County’s Center for College and Career Readiness program.

It’s the first day of school for Kevin Thomas. And, as for any first-day student, the new beginning brings both trepidation and excitement.

All new school years bring new beginnings, but Thomas is excited because he sees a new ending on the horizon as well: an ending he’s been waiting for since his high school class graduated without him in 2000.

 “I did take the GED test 15 years ago, but I didn’t do well enough to get my equivalency degree,” Thomas said. “It was very challenging then, and things have changed a lot since. I’ve been told that the math has gotten a whole lot harder. That’s discouraging, but I’m also willing to take on a challenge. … I am doing this because my kids want me to be better. My son sees me as someone who is not a quitter. I want to prove to him that I’m not a quitter.”

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