Robert Lucas “Luke” Cloud

Luke CloudClass Year: 2013

What is your job title and where do you work? I am currently an intern in the Failure Analysis Lab at Raytheon in McKinney, TX, and I will be returning next summer. In the fall, I will be starting my doctorate at the University of Wyoming in Electrical Engineering and Classical Control under Dr. John O’Brien.

Complete this thought: “I am most proud of…” the opportunity to…set an example for my siblings, Morgan and Wyatt, and earn their pride, as well as that of my wife, Jessica, my parents, Charles and Cindie, and rest of my family. My accomplishments are a reflection of what they are capable of and what I want for them.

Share with us something you will never forget during your years at SC. I will never forget the supportive faculty and staff that helped me through my time at Sheridan College. As a veteran starting his college career while living at the Sheridan VA Medical Center, I was fortunate to have a host of kind people that encouraged my efforts, helping me succeed. Particularly, Edith Johnson and Brett Burtis still stand out in my mind as two of my biggest influences.

Education is a lifelong journey. What did you learn at SC that best prepared you for your present career? My classes exposed me to a variety of learning situations, online courses, in- class lectures, and interactive classroom activities that encouraged my excitement to learn. Also, the caliber of instruction, particularly in my math and science courses, stimulated my ability to look at a problem and gather the tools to effectively arrive at a solution.

What opportunities and decisions have determined your career? My career path was chosen by an aptitude for math and science and the attraction I have for military related fields. As a defense contractor, Raytheon is the perfect company to explore a marriage of the two.

What are you passionate about in your work? I am a United States Marine, and as such, I relish the opportunity to apply the engineering concepts I have learned at Sheridan College and the University of Wyoming into solving problems to develop the best technology for today’s warfighter. At Raytheon, I am being afforded that opportunity.

Where is your career headed? I have plans to work towards becoming a fellow at Raytheon, a top-tier position in the technical track.

How are you a game changer? Or, how are you making a positive impact in the world? I am never appeased by being the best. Being the best is never what I want. I feel that I have to create and not just follow what has been done before. I want to leave something that will continue to give back after I leave. This leads into the next question about COMBAT Color.

Can you tell us more about the Combat Color Fun Run you organized at Sheridan College and the University of Wyoming? I had so many people help me when I needed it, the great people at the Sheridan VA, those of you at Sheridan College, and my family and friends in Cody. I felt I needed to give back to others who need help, and out of that came COMBAT Color. I am proud that COMBAT Color continues at Sheridan College and that I can continue to spread its reach at the University of Wyoming.