Mason Lube ’21 – Finally Finding his Future


After three years of college classes elsewhere, amassing debt and still not finding a program of study that appealed to him, Mason landed back in his hometown of Sheridan. Deciding to not take on more debt until he found a career he was passionate about, he found a job working at a small auto shop to pay the bills.

“I knew that this was not my forever career. I debated multiple trade studies and trade schools until I landed on the Machining Program at Sheridan College.  From day one of class, I have loved this program. The instructors, Sara Spann and Jake Mahar, are incredible! I feel that I have finally found my field of study, and I truly love what I am doing and learning about.”

Working hard to pay off substantial loans from his previous college classes, Mason was not keen on taking on more debt to attend the Machine Tooling program. However, he had no choice, and he took out a small loan to pay the tuition for his first year in the program.

Still struggling financially, Mason did not believe he could afford to return in the fall for the second year of the program – until he discovered that he was awarded a scholarship funded by generous donors to the Sheridan College Foundation.

Mason was thrilled he would be able to complete his final year in the Machine Tool Program at Sheridan College.

“It meant that I could continue to study in a field that I love. To the donors, thank you so very much for allowing me to continue to build my future. Your generosity has truly changed my life. I hope to honor your trust in me by succeeding in the investment you made in me, my career and my future.”

Mason graduated from Sheridan College in 2021 with an AAS degree in Machine Tool Technology. He is currently working at Dotson Iron, using his Machining degree in the career he was searching for – and finally found!