Kate Barlow

Kate BarlowClass Year: 2013

What is your job title and where do you work?  I am currently a 2L at the University of Wyoming College of Law.

Complete this thought: “I am most proud of…” I am most proud of the connections I still have with classmates, faculty and staff from Sheridan College.

Share with us something you will never forget during your years at SC.  There are many things I will never forget from my time at Sheridan College, but some of the most memorable are the times spent in the Foundation’s Student Partners program.

Education is a lifelong journey.  What did you learn at SC that best prepared you for your present career?  My time at Sheridan College in the Criminal Justice program made me realize I wanted to and could go to law school.

What opportunities and decisions have determined your career?  Freshman year at Sheridan College I decided to do a legislative internship, I loved it. After that experience, I went on to internships with other branches of government on the state and federal level. That first internship put me on the path I am on and helped to make law school a reality.

What are you passionate about in your work?  One of the most interesting things is how the law has evolved to where it is today. How events in history, politics, and societal norms can explain shifts in the law.

Where is your career headed?  Good question! I don’t know what area of law I want to specialize in yet and I don’t know where I want to work. I do know that the end goal is to end up back in the Sheridan area, even though I may have to leave for a little while.

How are you a game changer? Or, how are you making a positive impact in the world?  Being a positive impact on the world can be a hard thing, but I try. Every day I remind myself something my mother tells me: your smile may be the only good thing in a person’s day. It is a little thing, but hard work and a smile can move mountains.

kate barlow